Dec 9, 2021 • 18M

18: Brand Guidelines Book - Comparing 2 Projects Books In Details

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Brand Guidelines are important for a brand. That doesn't mean they have to have 35 pages, 50 pages, or whatever you see out there. Do not be sold on the NUMBER of pages a brand guideline has, as many of these pages can be "fluff" pages -like a full cover page per section or item.

On this episode (Youtube video link here:, I compare the guidelines created for Dawnmarie Healthy & Fit with 12 pages, and one created for Stereotype Breakers with 23 pages. Both of these could have more or less pages. They are both different in structure -DHF has more explanation about each item, where SB has more of a showcase approach, being that the CEO of SB was heavily involved with the strategy process with me and can benefit more of visual reminders than technical pointers.

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