May 18 • 9M

Spring Updates And What's Coming!

I moved everything to Substack and I'm ready to send you my best branding content -ever. EVER! 💛

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A weekly podcast created to help entrepreneurs build memorable brands. A mix of guest interviews to inspire you build a successful business, with episodes that brings short and sweet branding tips. Visit for details.
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kelly brito branding

Ok, friends, the audio is horrible. But the windows are open, the mic is iMac's, and I don't care! haha I just wanted to jump in and update you on a few things:

  1. The podcast is back in June (finally!) 🥳

  2. I apologize for being MIA -there has been way more personal problems than I've been able to handle recently.

  3. I have retired from custom branding design work, after 20 years! 🤯

  4. My Etsy shop is still up and running (since 2013).

  5. The newsletter is now monthly and will bring 5 AWESOME steps to help you build your best brand yet

  6. The podcast will break down those steps, weekly.

  7. The newsletter and podcast are now on Substack. So are my courses and resources -being shared under premium posts ($7/mo or $57/year).

I have hundreds of great content already created, so I'm automating things and sharing all with you starting in June. 💰💛